Enterprise Week Spring Sale

It has been a very busy week this week…spending, advertising, selling!
The first job for the year 6 auditors was to hand out the money and the expense forms to each class. They look very serious don’t they?

Next, we had to advertise. We even recorded a radio advert and played it over the school tannoy. Have a look at out beautiful posters!

After that we had to prepare our flower stall…

The other stalls looked really busy!

Our final (and most important) job today was for the auditors to scrutinise and check the expense forms.

The final prizes went to:
Most creative advertising – year 6
Best audited account – year 3
Most economical (least costs) – year 4
Overall Winner (most profit) – year 2
Well done to everybody for taking part!

Explaining calculation methods – Upper Key Stage 2

Throughout school in each key stage we use the same calculation methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This is to ensure consistency as children move up the school. We asked each key stage to come up with a video explaining how they show their calculations. It is an important part of mathematics for children to learn to explain how they achieved their answer.
Here is a year six pupil explaining the addition method:

Here is a year six pupil explaining the multiplication method:

More fantastic explanations…this time division and subtraction: